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Ximena Saenz
Source: Instagram.com

Ximena Saenz is a well-known chef, Tiktok star, and social media influencer. She has gained so much fame through her Tiktok videos. This beautiful lady was always passionate about cooking, and later she converted her passion into a profession. 

On her Instagram account, she likes to share photos of dishes made by her. She has a total of 506K followers on her Instagram. If you want to know more about her, then you are at the right place.

She was born in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Moreover, she had completed her elementary education at the local school. She was a bright student and graduated with good grades. Much information about her siblings is not in the public domain.

But still, you will get to know so many unknown facts about her life in this blog. Continue reading to find out more about her.

Her Age 

As mentioned earlier, she was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She was born on June 11, 1983, and is a Gemini. As of , she is years old. Even at this age, she looks so beautiful and this is why people love to follow her content on social media.

Ximena’s Net Worth

Ximena Saenz
Source: instagram.com

Ximena is a social media star and a popular chef. She debuted as a She is earning a huge amount of money through her profession. Moreover, she has a luxury car and a pricey home. She lives a very lavish life. 

The exact figure of net worth is not in the public domain, but according to sources, it has been said that she has a net worth of between $100,000 and $1,000,000. This figure is also huge. She has quite a following on Tiktok and has the potential to earn even more money.


Ximena has worked on several television programs. She has co-directed the public television program named Cocineros Argentinos. Later on, she started to make videos on Tiktok and gained huge popularity. 

She worked in advertising but quit the job and started following her passion as a chef, but as previously stated, she has a strong passion for cooking, which is why she left that job to become a chef.

In her career, she worked in so many big establishments, such as Dashi, Hotel Vista Sol, Avant Catering, etc. Along with this, she has also worked on several TV shows like Cocineros Argentinos. Overall, her career graph is good. In addition to Cocineros Argentinos, she has been on numerous other television programs such as 3 minutes, Cocina facial, and Tu Vida más Simple.

Personal Life

We have tried hard to find out about her personal life. There is no information available about her family. On her social media handles, she doesn’t like to post much about her personal life. 

While going through her Instagram account, we got to know that she might be dating or married to a man named Martin Sabater.

Moreover, this couple also has a daughter. But all these things are not cleared by Ximena.

She once shared some secret stories of her life in which she said, “I come from a time when sexual jokes in the kitchen were every day, and you had to deal with that.

Whether she is still dating or married, secretly, no one knows. Apart from this, there is no information available on her social media handles.

Social Media

Source: twitter.com

Ximena is active on social media platforms. Moreover, she likes to make Tik-Tok videos that people love to watch. She has more than 5.4K likes on her Tik Tok videos. Along with Tik Tok, she is also active on Instagram.

On Instagram, she likes to share photos of herself with delicious dishes. Along with Instagram, she is active on Facebook. She also has an account on Twitter, but she is not very active on that platform. 

Along with this social media platform, she has also made contributions to the United Way Organization supported by Argentina’s government.

Some Quick Facts About Ximena Saenz

  • She started to get interested in cooking at a very young age. She used to assist her mother in cooking when she was 12.
  • Even though she makes Tik Tok videos, one thing that you should know is that she is a fabulous actor.
  • 13.5K is the highest number of likes her Tik Tok video got.

Final Thoughts

Ximena Saenz is an exceptional chef. Along with this, her content is gaining so much popularity. She is a rising star and in the future, she will definitely get more fame than she has now. We will update this section if any new information about her becomes available.

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